2020 Holiday Party

The 2020 Holiday Party will be a different feel with the event to be held over Zoom in 2020. Per usual, this event relies on involvement from our members with the following key areas listed below:

Event Tickets

Event Tickets for this year’s zoom event will be $30. Each event zoom link will be  personalized for the event.

Angel Sponsors

$300 – Inner Peace Angels
$750 – New Zoom Angels
$1,500 – Keep the Faith Angels
$2,500 – Creative Spark Angels
$5,000 – Transcending Angels
$10,000 – Trailblazing Angels

Raffle Tickets

Raffle Tickets will be $10 each. Alternatively, if you purchase $100, you will receive an additional free ticket so in total you receive 11 tickets. Raffle Tickets are available for purchase when you are buying tickets or sponsoring the event.

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